Back home we had this really big book of songs with accompanying guitar notes for those who would like to play. The songs were random and the artists were also written down just below the title. As a kid of 7 years, I always wondered who were the Various Artists. I thought then that they’re a group of singers like the Carpenters or a band like the Beatles and America. 😀

Little did I know that well, they are singers who came together to record a song…just like in We are the World. I got to know it when I was about 10-years-old…read it on a magazine. teehee. Various artists may also refer to a compilation album…containing tracks from different artists/performers.

Since I’m totally lagged behind what’s new in the music world, such compilation is best for me. The NOW 79 CD has 44 features hits that includes Adele’s Someone Like You , a song she released last February…it is the longest reigning number one single in Ireland in 2011 spending six weeks at the top and has been on top in other countries as well…most importantly, I love this song!

Included too are Bruno Mars’ recent release The Lazy Song and Katy Perry’s latest hitbomb Last Friday Night. There are also new releases, well all singles included are new releases but since they’re so new I’m totally unfamiliar…Take Katy B’s Broken Record – it was released in March and placed number 8 in the UK Single charts but I’ve yet to listen to it and a handful of other tracks. This CD is perfect for me to keep up with what’s new and in in the music industry…I feel so left behind…