In this modern world, music has become part of almost everybody’s lifestyle.  It is not surprising that most gadgets today have a music player or radio feature in them. And the best partner for a music player is a Music Management Software that gives you access to a wide range of music and have it downloaded without much hassle. One such app is Spotify, a music streaming service that can be downloaded in desktop PCs, home entertainment system, tablets, and mobile phones, thereby, bringing you music anytime, anywhere and for anything.

Creating one’s playlist takes only a little effort because you can browse through music by artist, genre, record labels, and albums. Users can create a music compilation for their different needs. For instance, they put their favorite club music in their party album while placing Beethoven classics in their soothing and relaxing selection. Playlists can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email, and Spotify. This is a great way for music lovers to interact and to widen their exposure to different musical genres. Those who don’t have time to organize or select their personal list can simply add their friend’s playlist to their music collection. They can also opt for the radio feature which plays random selections based on the first song played, then simply add the songs that they like in their playlist. Another great thing about this app is its wide selection of songs. By the end of 2012 they had around 20 million songs in their catalogue which included new songs from upcoming artists and new genres.

Music is meant to be savored and enjoyed by everyone. It can help boost spirits, lighten moods, or simply make one’s journey to the office a pleasant experience. An application like Spotify allows people to satisfy their need for music in everyday life. I love Spotify, how about you?