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Piano Lessons this Semester


I’ve spent precious time browsing online musical scores today, been looking for easy piano pieces that my little boy  (Daniel) could practice on. Yep, for my little boy.

I heard the piano being played the other day while my daughter (Alexie) was showing me her homework. She’s the only one among the three who learned to play so I was baffled at who could be at it then. I went to the living room to check and saw my little boy happily tapping on the keys. He was  playing the simplified version of Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy). It wasn’t as polished as his sister would play but still, I was impressed that he learned the piece without proper piano lessons….Well, turns out Alexie has been teaching him bit by bit and kept it a secret to surprise me….and I was. ^_^

music sheets

Daughter and her piano teacher

My daughter told me she has shown Daniel almost every piece on her beginner’s piano book. Daniel would follow her lead without really considering the notes, sometimes singing along too (he’s always been a singer). I had planned to enroll the boys this semester to Karate or Taekwondo but I’m now having second thoughts; perhaps a piano lesson would benefit Daniel too.

My daughter’s piano teacher from last semester would be a good choice since he knows the boys as well, they tag along during Alexie’s Thursday piano sessions. She learned a great deal from those half-hour a week lessons. She can play a lot of pieces now and can easily read notes. It has also helped her a lot when it comes to being confident. I bet it’s because of the dedication and willingness to learn and because her teacher has only kind words to say. It has also helped Alexie concentrate. Imagine reading the notes and rhythm,  translating it into hand movements on the keyboard and going on to the next note doing the same, it needs a lot of focus. Focus – What Daniel needs to have now that he has started schooling.

Now that Daniel knows the basic, I’m thinking of getting him some Elton John sheet music with his favorite songs from The Lion King or perhaps Phil Collin’s with songs from Brother Bear. I haven’t told Daniel yet about the lessons because he was busy listening and singing to a tune with his earphones plugged. I wouldn’t want to bother my little musician.


  1. That’s so cute! 😀 I’ve always wanted to learn playing the piano. It had become one of my musical frustrations.. haha.. Anyway, hope you can share some clips or even an mp3 of your little boy playing.. 🙂

    • I will Sumi, next time I catch him tiptapping…will record a vid. 😉

  2. Awwwe great job for your little girl for teaching your boy, I am always fascinated with people who can play the piano, I hope someday my girl can play too…

    • Yeah, especially those who can play a number of instruments…try looking for a teacher for her 🙂

      • No need na ug teacher sis kasi husband ko marunong sa lahat hehe, drums, piano, guitar at kung ano ano pa lol, he is teaching our daughter to play drums where she is mostly interested.

        • Awww, lucky girl! saya naman!

  3. That’s nice, i used to dream to learn the piano but didn’t happen but now i have kids i want them to learn 🙂

    • Never too late…you can enroll in a class along with your kids… 🙂

  4. I wanted to learn to play the piano when I was a kid but did not have the opportunity. When I was working, I have a co-worker who teaches piano so I enrolled at her class but only for few sessions. Now I think if my kids wants to learn, I’ll really enroll them as it is a good skill to learn. Good thing your little man is already showing his interest 🙂

  5. A pianist who can kick ass would be great! ehhehehehe.. As long as he loves it, then he can do both. It’s great that the big sis is sharing her talents and the young one is eager to learn too! It’s so cute to imagine them together in that piano.

  6. that’s awesome! I would love my daughter to take piano lessons, but they’re quite expensive.

  7. Go for it mommy if you think that is what they really like to do. That is awesome then! 🙂 Good luck and we want to hear them play someday. 🙂

  8. Wow its really good kids knows how to play piano..Good luck…

  9. This is one of my frustrations. I’m not musically-inclined, so I’m planning to enroll my daughter in a piano class when she’s of age already. It’s a good idea to enroll your little boy too. Your kids will be more engrossed to it since it will be a way for them to bond with each other.

  10. I always find anyone who knows how to play piano impressive especially children.It’s a shame I am so musically inclined but the only instrument I know of using is the guitar.

  11. i always admire people who know how to play piano

  12. i wish i can do that or at least know the basic or the very simple song and play it on the piano. keep it up girl….

  13. can’t help but smile picturing Daniel playing the piano. hihi.. cute!
    that’s also one of my frustrations, learning to play piano.

  14. I have always wanted to learn how to play piano but since I haven’t… I have sent my kids for piano lessons and they’re enjoying it.

  15. Congratulations, I am so happy for your children, being able to play the piano is a talent that will help them grow into more complete adults. You are a great parent for having the vision to send them for

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