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eager learner

They say when you play piano your fingers get longer and slender. 🙂 Can’t prove that but I do know that playing the piano makes my daughter happy. 😀

This is her in one of her piano sessions last semester. Surprisingly (or not), she was able to learn some pieces in a short period of time. Thanks to the patience of her teacher (he always says anyway that she is easy to teach) and also her willingness to learn, we can listen at home to what she usually would.

I truly need to take photos and videos of her again as she plays.

She’s wearing a white chiffon top over white longsleeved shirt as it was still cold then.



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  1. wow .. way to go! good luck dear.. hope to see you a virtouso pianist in the future.. 🙂 was here for WW.

  2. it always fascinates me seeing children playing musical instruments. how talented.

    let me bore u w/ other entries i posted for WW:)

    thanks much, sis

  3. wow! im impressed… can you post a video of her one time 😉

    visiting from WW!

    hope you can stop by too, thanks!

  4. pretty daughter you have sis 🙂
    galing pa ng talent… panalo!

  5. wow! very impressive.. my Ria has started to learn the piano when she was still in the PHils. we should start looking for a teacher here in Thailand. It’s really a joy to see our kids play musical instruments, right? Thanks for sharing your whites this week, sis!

  6. You are very talented A. Keep it up. Sorry for the late visit. Here is my WW entry . Thanks and see you!

  7. goodluck dear! I know you’ll be good at it if you love what you are doing..:)

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  8. Cutie piano player! I always adore kids who can play piano as young as your daughter! Keep playing, beautiful girl!

    Sorry for my late visit! Here are my whites:
    Sooo White MAM Building
    White Blooms
    Thanks and see yah!

  9. Very young talented little charmer! I admire parents who supports their kids’ holistic development. I bet she will be one of the famous pianist artists in the future.

    Keep playing!

    My WHITE is up too!

    Hope to see yah!

  10. Visiting from WW!! Hope you could visit my entry!
    Wednesday Whites: Swim Dress

  11. one of my frustrations – to play piano.

    dropping by from Wednesday Whites..hope you can drop by at mine – seeing me in my White medical uniform and my kutsinta with white dessicated coconut.see yah!

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