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MiniPiano for Kiddie Music Fun

May 17, 2013


Exposing kids to different toys and activities helps a lot in rearing well-rounded kids. Parents usually buy classic toys like dolls, action figures, cars, blocks, and puzzles for their little ones. Role play toys like cooking sets, doctor’s kit, handyman tools, or musical instruments are normally bought depending on the child’s interest. Now that techie gadgets have entered the playing field, parents are given more tools to keep their kids entertained and trained while at play. Those who have little ones that show interest in playing the piano can download the MiniPiano App and let their kids fiddle around with music anytime and anywhere.

The MiniPiano App by Junpei Wada works just like a real piano toy. The black and white keyboards are displayed on the screen and the notes are played by pressing or tapping on the keys. Kids who would like to try out their musical skills can play around with a total of 14 playable notes that are available in the app. Adults may also find MiniPiano as an entertaining app simply because of the realistic looking keyboard and sounds in the app. The one octave limitation in the notes that can be played can be a turn-off for those who would like to play more than just the basic tunes with their mobile piano. Kids on the other hand will enjoy playing their do re mi’s and nursery rhymes with this app on their fingertips.

This app may be a long way from being a great virtual piano, but it does the trick for educating little kids on basic musical notes and simple piano pieces. It is also good enough to tap their interest in playing music and keep them engrossed during long waits or road trips. Best of all, it’s free! Parents who would like to expose their kids to a variety of apps to play with, can consider having the MiniPiano around as one of the musical apps in their mobiles.


  1. My granddaughter has this app on her iPod and her Nook and she has a wonderful time learning to play it. Great for getting her interested in music. She is wanting to take piano lessons now and we are hoping to get her a keyboard for her birthday coming up soon. Thanks for sharing this.. 🙂

  2. This sounds like something my nephew would love. What a fantastic app! I agree it’s perfect for educating little kids on basic musical notes and simple piano pieces.

  3. nice. let me suggest garageband for ipad and Ipadmini. It’s not free but costs just few dollars and the quality is good indeed (p.s. I’m not an apple reseller on employee, but just a user)

  4. I don’t have children of my own and my friend’s daughter is a tad bit young for this, but this sounds pretty amusing. Yeah, I’m a forever kid at heart. 😛

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