Music lovers and Karaoke fans who are searching for a new way to enjoy their music need not look further as Lyroke is here to spice up their life. This application plays music videos from some of the most popular artists of today including some from the older generation. Users can sing along with it and test their knowledge of song lyrics by filling-in the blanks in the lyrics feed. It is an entertaining music video game that allows users to enjoy music in a unique way.

People who can only sing in the shower need not worry about a thing. They may not be able to hit the right notes but they’ll definitely score points for getting their lyrics right. Those who are new in the game can try their skills on the featured playlist, which usually includes a handful of recent hit songs. It also has a library of songs from other artists that one can choose from including those from Lenny Kravitz, Cindy Lauper, Janet Jackson, Pet Shop Boys and Rick Astley. Players can practice the game on their own then move on to the challenges and play with their friends. Having it available in Facebook makes it easier to connect and enjoy the game with friends. They can pit their skills against each other and find out who will rule the Lyroke scene.

The game rules are quite simple but one can easily get hooked on the challenges as it takes both speed and song mastery to get top points in the game. Those who want to take on the Lyroke challenge can easily download the application in their iOS or Android gadgets free of charge. They can get it through the App store, iTunes, or Google play then start rocking with the latest tunes and get their fingers tapping for the highest scores.