Almost all serious guitarists dream of owning a custom made guitar that meets their every desire. Although there are a wide array of factory built guitars available with just about every feature imaginable, this still doesn’t replace what a unique, beautifully handcrafted, custom made guitar can provide.

To really find a custom guitar that meets your specific needs and desires takes a lot of work. You have the option of either buying one that has already been made or ordering a custom design from an expert luthier who will make the guitar for you.

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Either option requires you to be well-versed in guitar construction and acoustics. There are several different ways to acquire that knowledge. One way is to reading extensively. There are many books and magazines available that can educate you on guitar construction. You can also find extensive knowledge online at various guitar websites.

Another important piece of your education is to play many different guitars to get a feel for what features and dimensions work the best for you. It is a good idea to visit several guitar stores and play as many guitars as you can. When you do this, play the same music so that you are comparing apples with apples. It is also a good idea to put a new set of strings on any guitar you are serious about.

For those who are very serious about finding the guitar of their dreams, another way to really acquire extensive knowledge about guitar craftsmanship is to attend guitar shows and festivals where the finest luthiers are in attendance. This is a great way to see some of the finest custom made guitars in the world and to speak personally with their makers.

One way to make your search for a guitar easier is to find a store or other source that carries a wide selection of handmade guitars from well-known luthiers like Luthier’s Collection. This gives you the advantage of having numerous handmade guitars to choose from without having to wait many months for your guitar to be built.

Owning a custom made guitar is a dream that many guitarists have. If you are willing to really expand your knowledge base, try out many guitars, and talk to numerous guitarists and luthiers to get good advice on guitar construction and selection, you can end up with the guitar of your dreams one of these days.

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