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Elsa and Anna

The adorable and awards-nominated theme song of the Disney movie, Frozen, is surely one to be a favorite. For some time now, the version by Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa in the movie, along with the official versions of the songs and fansubs in other languages are getting mashups and those around youtube. And Disney finally featured a video with 25 different languages of the songs’ lines in. (Counting Spanish – Castillian, Latin American and Catalan separately.)

Fascinated, my 7-year-old son edged me to compile the lyrics, understanding only English, German and Japanese…(add Spanish to mine), he said it’s quite unfair that we can’t sing it wholly. So here’s what we came up. Still missing some but will surely update soon! (Pronunciation is definitely a challenge so try listening first before singing along. ^_^ )


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While the lyrics considerably changed in meaning…to either go well with the music and the fact that it isn’t so nice to translate word for word, this one is really amusing and amazing! Truly proves  music can bring people of different languages closer.

We would appreciate correction and such. Thank you!


Thank you for the help, Min (added Canadian French).
Thank you, Karin. (added Serbian).
Still fixing this post for foreign language characters to show. ^_^