After getting Spotify, one might think that he has everything he needs in a music streaming service, but that is only until he discovers Fliptape. Bonding with friends through music becomes much easier with an application that combines music streaming and social network features.  Fliptape allows you to find and follow friends who are also using Spotify, and strengthen your bonds with a fun and cool way to share music together.

This app was released in October 2012 exclusive for Spotify users. Adding it to your list of apps makes it possible for you and your friends to listen to the same playlist at the same time even if you are all situated in different parts of the country. Simply tap on the user’s profile and stream the current track on your gadget. The current song in the user’s track along with the rest of it will be played on your gadget in real time.  It also has a featured artist option that you can explore with your friends and discover new music together.

There are three simple steps to get you started on a Fliptape habit. First is to download the app, then sign-in with Spotify, and finally, listen to music with your friends. It is important to note though that this app is only available to those who have a premium account with Spotify. Those who would like to try it out first before paying for a premium account can get the Spotify Premium trial version where they can enjoy the benefits of Premium for 30 days free of charge.

Aside from sharing playlists with your friends, Fliptape also makes it easier for you to explore new and trending music in the market or find out how many people like your playlist. You can even compare “likes” with your friends and see who has the most popular song selections or album in the group. Don’t be the odd man out, get into the Fliptape groove with your friends and go flip with music.