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Dr.Dre Studio

“There’s music in the sighing of a reed;

There’s music in the gushing of a rill;

There’s music in all things, if men had ears:

Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.”

~Lord Byron~

Truly, music is everywhere. If you tap your nails on a table, you would be able to create a rhythm. Listen carefully to the rustling of the leaves on a tree as the wind blows, and you would realize that a soothing pattern is formed. Perhaps this is the inspiration behind portable music players and earphones/ headphones – you could take music everywhere you go.

Now since you can take your favorite songs with you wherever you head out to, you might as well choose the best gadgets to make the experience even more thrilling and memorable. That’s where the Dr. Dre Studio earphones enter the picture.

There’s little to rant about a pair of Dr. Dre Studio earphones, and you only need to try it out to actually feel the difference. That’s not an overstatement. The Dr. Dre line of earphones offers nothing but the best in sound engineering, both in style, ergonomics, and sound quality. It’s built for the low end by default, and it’s understandable considering the creator’s penchant for heavy beats. Some earphones over-perform on the mid, high, and low ranges, but it’s fortunate that a pair of Studio earphones strikes a comfortable balance for a truly enjoyable listening experience.

A Comfy Fit

Sound quality is the end-all of great earphones, but you have to admit the endless hours spent in a confined soundscape take their toll on your comforts. The worst earphones don’t offer a comfortable fit, and you’ll notice this within an hour of use. Noise cancellation is an important aspect of earphones, so the cup must cover the ears without crimping the earlobes. Dr. Dre Studio earphones feels great on this aspect, with padded, oblong ear-cups mounted on swiveled support. The small improvement lets you move with ease, in case you decide to use the pair on an early-morning stroll. You have to be conscious of the bulk, though.

Audio Quality Packs a Serious Punch

The best thing about this pair is the audio quality, hands down. It’s configured for the expected genres, hip-hop, RNB, and dance, but it performs well no matter which type of music you’re into. You can listen to Beethoven’s 3rd and get lost in the mood, or trip to alternative and still be impressed with the guitar riffs. The set comes with plenty of perks as well, so you get more value for your money. A pair of four-feet, 3.5mm cables ensures great sound quality for mp3 players and iPhones, and it comes with an airplane and home system adapter as well. It’s better if you invest in rechargeable AAAs, though. The Dr. Dre Studio earphones offer a solid listening experience, and it’s comfortable enough for hours of extended use.