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Kai Langer goes steady with Ellen

By on May 10, 2013
image from Kai’s facebook page

Adorable 4-year-old, Kai Langer guested on Ellen the second time and goes steady with her. Kai visited Ellen the first time and sang Bruno Mars When I was your man much to the delight of the host, this time though she was more than surprised. Ellen received a bracelet with Kai’s name on it because he said, he wants Ellen to always remember him. He also wore an identical bracelet with Ellen’s name on it. Ellen jokingly said “this is gonna make news,” lol, just adorable.

Kai went on to tell his experience seeing Bruno Mars and singing for him too at the airport then sang When I was your man taking Ellen’s hand in between the song. (haha, this kid is too cute!)

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Youtube Sensation

Random Girl singing at the Mall has a name – Zendee Rose!

By on August 11, 2012

On July 28, Youtube user youngjay0918, posted a video he recorded of a girl singing her heart out at a mall in Manila.  This has got to be a Magic Sing corner where demos are made. 🙂  She was singing “And I Am Telling You,” from the Broadway musical Dreamgirls.) Youngjay0918 titled the video And I Am Telling You (Random Girl)(SM Megamall) – with a note of voting confidence to the singer.

A few days later the video went viral, views going up, getting shared on other social networking sites, Facebook as one.

This is the original video uploaded by youngjay0918. From this video we’ll be convinced that the girl can vie well with singers already known the world over.

A few days later, the random girl’s name was finally made known to those who was awed by her singing prowess, she met with youtube user youngjay0918 some time ago. Zendee Rose Tenerefe…she’s been singing at wedding events and such as she told Willie Revillame in the TV show Will Time Big Time. The humble lass also told Revillame that it was boxing champion Manny Pacquiao who sent her to college, coming from the same city as the boxer.

With this, we think if Magic Sing will not get her as an endorser, a recording contract is not far behind, or perhaps an appearance in an international TV show…such as: Ellen. 🙂 Once again, Ellen’s belief that “some of the best singers are from the Philippines” is proven true.

To hear more from Zendee, visit her youtube channel, she has a lot of song covers from different artists that would amaze you.

Here is her version of Chaka Khan’s Through the Fire. Simply be amazed! 🙂

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