In early 2000, when I all I know about German were Dankebitte and sehr…I hate to watch the shows where I can actually learn the language from. They were dubbed anyway and I hate watching dubbed shows even more. Reason why I learned Japanese is forcing myself to watch animes in the language it is in so I would go for real German shows, which were boring to say the least.

Imagine watching MTV almost every time we’re at home. Yes, I learned to like, rather, forced myself to watch reality TV shows…The Osbournes for one. Earlier on, I’ve learned to like one of Ozzy Osbournes song, Dreamer, what he confessed as the “Imagine” to his album Down to Earth, with John Lennon being his hero.

The song, though not as positive as Michael Jackson’s, speaks of his dream or vision of a better world. The video, set in winter provokes one with the feeling of longing and hope. See for yourself.