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By on November 6, 2015
Tomorrowland Music Festival
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Amp up the Fun With These Essentials


As fun as camping or attending a music festival can be, there is no arguing that the comforts of home are not going to fit in your duffel bag. Sure, the whole idea of camping it to be “roughing it,” but that doesn’t have to mean you have to be miserable the whole time. And if you are following your favorite jam band around the country, you might feel as though the regular accoutrements of life are out of your reach. Not so! With a little bit of smart packing, you can make your next Bumbershoot or Bonnaroo experience just a little higher on the luxury scale.


Personal Safety


No matter if you are camping in the wilderness or pitching a tent on the sand at Burning Man, there are a few items you need to have in order to keep yourself healthy and protected from the elements. Here are some things you should have in your bag.

  • Sunscreen: Save your skin from the sun’s burning rays. If you will be swimming or sweating, be sure to reapply the sunscreen periodically. It’s no fun to have to hide in your tent and miss out on the festivities because you got crisped on the first day.
  • Hat and sunglasses: These are no-brainers for festivals or camping. They both can allow you to stay outside longer and more comfortably.
  • Refillable water bottle: Staying hydrated will be key to extending your fun.

Gear Essentials


Your “living” arrangements at the Lockn’ Festival may be rudimentary at best, but you still need some essentials for comfort. Make sure to load these gear items into the back of your van.

  • Sleeping bag or hammock: If you are lucky enough to have a place to hang it, a hammock is a comfortable sleeping option. At the very least, pack a sleeping bag that will keep you warm overnight.
  • Clothing and shoes: Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you with a variety of light and heavy garments. If hiking is on the camping agenda, be sure to bring some sturdy boots.
  • Safety wallet: Things can get hectic at music festivals, and you don’t want your wallet to be easily accessible to other attendees. Keep thing close to the chest with a body wallet worn on your arm or around your waist.


Personal Fun


Now, when preparing for a party, you may want to have a few tools available to heighten the experience. Everyonedoesit has more than a few party essentials worthy of the long haul, including the following:

  • Vape Pens: Keep your aromatherapy consumption under control with a personal vape pen that only you can easily disguise during the festival.
  • Glow sticks: They are both fun to look at and great for helping find friends in a crowd.
  • Flashlight: Keep yourself safe and your path clear with a good flashlight and backup batteries.


Before you get in the car and head to your favorite music festival or camping site, make sure to pack these essentials to keep the experience enjoyable and yourself safe.



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Music Festivals

Music Festivals: Still One of the Best Ways to Find Good Music

By on November 28, 2014


Future Music Festival 2013

The Music Industry in the Modern Age has not changed very much from 30 years ago. There are still music festivals that people flock to. There are still albums being produced but instead of the music being on albums, they are digital or on a CD. CD’s are becoming less and less popular, however. While the industry has not changed much at the core, technological innovations have created change for the better.

Music Reaching All Over The Globe

Music can now be heard all over the world. That was once a dream. Music has brought people together in modern times more than it ever did in the past. People have come together with songs from the Beetles and other influential artists. Some people may say that music quality has decreased but if the time is really taken to examine the talent in the world, most people would not believe that.

Who Is Finding The Next Great Artists?

There are many music producers and talent searchers out in the world every day searching for the next big thing. Some producers are only looking for acts that will bring in a lot of money. There are a few left, however, that are looking for the artists who will be major influences and have the ability to change the world. One of these producers is  Jordan Kurland, a partner in the Noise Pop Festival. Kurland is involved in a number of other music festivals and even found a way to get music involved in the recent Presidential election. These artists may one day be compared to Michael Jackson, The Who, and other well-known acts that have changed the world through songs.

Where Can You Hear These Types OF Artists?

The artists who make you think because of something they said in a song are not easily found but they are in the world and they want to be heard. Some of these artists are on the radio today but listeners may not have heard them through the excess noise that are put on to make money. Some common places to find these acts who are going to make a difference are at music festivals. These are the musical acts who are wanting to make a difference and really be heard. If you are a music lover, do yourself and the musical acts a favor and attend a festival or two. You never know what new music you will fall in love with. It may just change your life.


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Music Festivals

Your Guide to Surviving Summer Music Festivals

By on July 11, 2013


Summer music festivals are synonymous with intense heat, crowds and a lack of shade. Having been to many festivals in my time, I have made myself a survival kit that makes attending these events much more pleasant. No longer do I have to worry about not having everything I need, and neither should you. By following a few pieces of advice, you can have an amazing time at your next summer concert series. 

Water is my top essential, though you must check ahead to ensure that your festival allows you to bring water bottles onto the premises. In any case, it is important that you have enough money to buy water. In addition, you should be drinking more water than you actually think you need to consume, as dehydration happens quickly. You can even bring in an empty water bottle and refill it in the bathroom or at a water fountain if you find yourself in a jam.

summer music festivals
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Carrying a small backpack is a great way to carry in some of your essentials, which should include sunscreen. This is especially important if you are attending a festival that lasts an entire weekend. You will find very little shade, so apply sunscreen liberally to your face, shoulders and neck. You should carry lip balm with SPF, sunglasses, a hat or bandana to cover your head in the heat and a blanket to sit on or wrap yourself in if the weather gets cold.

If you are camping at your festival for a few days, there are a few extras you need to bring with you. For one, use your phone to take a picture of your camping spot and any identifiable markers. The crowds can get pretty big and you don’t want to spend hours looking for your spot. You should also pack a raincoat and an extra pair of shoes suitable for rain, especially if your festival is located somewhere humid. The rain can roll in faster than you will even notice.

It may not sound like very fun advice, but it is important that you get plenty of sleep while you are at the festival. It seems more fun to stay up late and party, but doing so puts you at risk for waking up late and feeling terrible all day.

You need to put together a plan of action that covers everything from what bands you plan to see, when you are going to eat and what you are going to do if you get separated from your friends. If you are camping, your cell phone might be dead and you need to determine a better way to find each other. In addition, knowing which bands you are going to see at what times will keep you from wandering around aimlessly and getting bored.

Finally, make sure you arrive early. This is especially true if you intend to camp out, as setting up camp in the dark can be quite difficult. You also want to ensure that you have the best spot for your favorite acts, which may require waiting in the front of the stage from morning until dark.

Following a few simple tips can keep you from overheating, getting soaked or spending hours doing things you do not want to do. By packing effectively and managing your time efficiently, you are well on your way to having a fantastic festival.

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