In the film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s book, Never Let Me Go, the character has a favorite song that she often listened to and from which the title of both were derived. In the book, Kathy, the narrator found a cassette tape called Songs After Dark by a 1950s singer Judy Bridgewater during one of the bazaars. Bridgewater is a fictional singer in the story, Kathy would play the tape often listening to Never Let Me Go interpreting it as a song of a mother for her child rather than romantically. It got lost somewhere in the story and believing that all things lost get found in Norfolk, she searched for it with the help of her friend Tommy who originally wanted to be the one to find it.

In the film, the cassette was seen as given by Tommy to Kathy and it never got lost in the story. It was played a lot of times too, to emphasize the character’s fondness to the song. Never Let Me Go was actually a pre-existing one written by Luther Dixon but sang by Canadian singer Jane Monheit for the movie.

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