Bring Art, Bring Hope

By on April 27, 2014


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Music and art, whether it be paintings or dance, form connections between people unlike any other. These avenues allow individuals to reach the unreachable and touch and change lives of the most needy. This connection is the exact center point of Sing for Hope.

The Program

Sing for Hope is a community-focused organization that offers year-round outreach programs to communities in need. The goal of the organization is to connect artists to these communities that makes art accessible to all individuals. The result, in turn, is not only making art accessible but also making the very sustenance of human emotion and connection available to all.

Endeavors and Events

Centered on the vision of a world in which all people have access to artistic outlets, Sing for Hope is driven by volunteers who offer their time and talents to a wide range of individuals. The organization designs programs for everyone from school age children to healthcare patients in under-resourced communities with the intent to spur the creative desire in all people.

The organization facilitates a number of different programs and events each year to do just that. Among the different activities are:
-Sing for Hope Pianos, pianos located in public spaces throughout five boroughs in New York
-Sing for Hope Youth Chorus, a chorus made up of students ages 14-18 led by Sing for Hope staff and volunteers
-Sing for Hope Gala, a celebration of the art forms in our lives and communities
-Welcome Wednesdays, a party held once a month in honor of the arts and volunteers

The organization partners with a wide range of other organizations and public institutions to offer services throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Sing for Hope offers workshops, seminars, and ongoing programs to immerse children and adults alike in the rejuvenating effects of the arts.

Making a Difference

Like most organizations, Sing for Hope cannot maintain its mission without help. The organization functions based on the assistance of volunteers as well as donations from supporters. There are a number of different ways individuals can get involved including:
-Volunteering as an artist
-Leading and organizing events
-Helping host events
-Donating funds to different projects

The fundamental concept of Sing for Hope lies in the idea that art has the power to heal, teach, and bring joy to those individuals who need it most. In essence not just bringing art, but rather hope. Make a difference and donate to Sing for Hope today.


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A Cool Yet Functional Event and Concert “Accessory”

By on March 15, 2014


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Organizing musical events take a lot of time, money, and energy.  It also takes a lot of creativity not only to make the events more exciting but also to make the event easier to manage.  It’s a good thing that there are modern tools that are available today to help event organizers.  If runners have RFID tags, the concert world has Tyvek coloured wristbands to make admission and guest monitoring tasks more manageable.  These wristbands come in various bold colors that make them “cool” to wear; the fluorescent kind even glows under blacklighting.  Event organizers can also choose to customize the wristbands for their event in their own design.  The makers of these wristbands have designers on board to help event organizers come up with unique creative designs.

There are clear advantages of using these wristbands both for the event organizers and for the event participants.  For one, there is no need to keep on asking for IDs or ticket stubs from the guests every time they enter and re-enter the event venue.  It’s quite a bit of a hassle to fumble through your purse for a small stub to get back into a club or concert hall.  It’s even more of an inconvenience if you lose your stub.  With a wristband, you simply have to flash your arm at the personnel manning the entrance.  Since it’s fastened to your wrist, you are not likely to lose your stub.

This is obviously a better way for concert organizers to control who gets in and out of the event venue.  There’s no need to hold back the line to inspect IDs when all they have to do is to look at the wristband.  These wristbands are so affordable and easy to use.  It’s strong and durable too, so event organizers are sure that they cannot easily be tampered with.  The synthetic material that it is made of does not stretch or tear easily.  The option to customize these wristbands offers event organizers or venue managers another event merchandise to offer to the concert goers.  These wristbands actually make great souvenirs for the event.  It serves its function both during and after the event.  These cool event wristbands will surely add color and excitement to any event without putting a dent on the event organizers and the concert goers budgets.


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Concerts | Featured

The Moonshine Jungle Tour – Bruno Mars in Vienna

By on October 26, 2013

The Moonshine Jungle Tour

For months, we’ve been counting the days we can finally get seated at Vienna’s Stadthalle for this particular day: Bruno Mars’ Moonshine Jungle Tour Vienna Leg. And our long wait is all worth it…even the hour-long opening by Mayer Hawthorne was not to be set aside.

We wanna see y’all moving, we wanna see y’all dancing… maybe, just maybe, put your camera phones down and get into it!

In his trademark fedora, aloha shirt (uhhmm, sort of), matched by his awesome ‘Hooligans’ and dancing along the tunes of “Moonshine” and “Natalie” at the beginning of the show. As early as that, the crowd was on their feet dancing and singing along.

So when Mars commanded the crowd to the tune of “Treasure” – everyone, basically, was swinging to a beat. The set list for his October 26 performance at Vienna’s Stadthalle was completed with the following:

Money (That’s What I Want) / Billionaire
Show Me
Candy Rain (cover)
Our First Time / Pony
Marry You
Runaway Baby
The Lazy Song
When I Was Your Man
Just the Way You Are


Locked Out of Heaven

(Or at least, that’s how I remember…)

Mars and the Hooligans


lazy song…I think

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Concerts | Featured

Alicia Keys Sets Vienna on Fire

By on June 14, 2013


There used to be glow sticks being waved by fans in concerts -nowadays, that’s your cell phone…especially if Alicia Keys ask the audience to do so, it turned the whole concert hall into an illusion of starry skies. It was easy to see how the singer-pianist could set a city on fire; when she sits at the piano and starts to tip them keys and belt her songs there’s nothing to do but be in awe.

At the Wiener Stadhalle via

Two hours long of soulful singing with a minimal set, Keys’ Set the World on Fire Tour Vienna Leg  featured her greatest hits starting off with the Jay-Z collab-feature Empire State of Mind and an elaborate cityscape of New York on a giant screen.

Grammy nominated American artist, known by the mononym Miguel, opened the concert for Keys singing a selection of his own songs. It was a very good performance (although I was turned off by his assumption that the Viennese population don’t speak English that much, lol).



Often she’d be on the piano skillfully playing as she sings. Which is what we love about her.

There was just one costume change for Ms. Keys. Clad in a tight-hugging trousers that showed off her curves, she paired it with a old rose or something to that shade-top, looking all too graceful as she moves a bit to the tune of her jazz-y songs. She changed into into a killer lila dress for the Empire State of Mind finale (yes, twice… but this time with a video intro of Jay-Z on the big screen, we thought he’d actually be there) sending the audience to their feet.

(Watch on youtube to see more.)

I regret not having brought the bulky camera… 😀
doing what she does best


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Buying and Reselling Tickets Made Easy

By on March 19, 2013

Pink. Listed as #10 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music will be on tour in Europe this season. The multi-awarded musician will tour around Manchester, Paris, London, Dublin, Zurich, Amsterdam and some cities more in a span of two months. And if you’re a fan this is your chance to see Pink upclose. Booking tickets for concerts are easier nowadays but they get sold out easily too so better grab yours before that happens.

Now, imagine this scenario. You’ve been waiting for it all these months, booked your front row seat and even bought a camera just to see Pink perform. You’ve arranged vacation off work and hired someone to take care of your kids for the night…then, a week before the concert your boss tells you that you have to fly to your company’s newly opened branch in a far away city and you have to fly the morning when the concert would be held. Schade. That just didn’t happen, you say. You wouldn’t want to miss Pink’s concert but you can’t say no to the boss as it is a must! So what happens to the ticket you bought? Throw it away? Nope. Resell them. You can visit StubHub for Pink tickets.

Yes, you read it right. EBay’s “daughter” company, Stubhub, will make you sell your ticket at even less than a week. Fans who weren’t able to get a ticket before they were sold out would definitely be willing to buy those tickets that would be unused by you – the busy person who has to forego his chance.

On the contrary, if you are that someone who wasn’t able to book early enough, you can still find on sale tickets which are for the scheduled concerts throughout the coming months. There’d be some more being sold by fans who because of unknown circumstances won’t be able to use their pre-bought tickets.

Stubhub is an online portal for buying and reselling tickets which one would be reminded of eBay. When your ticket gets sold, you get a confirmation email and details on how to send tickets to the buyer. Like eBay, you can opt to send it via a trusted courier or meet up…but if it’s online then transfer would be much easier. Being under eBay, transactions are definitely legit and tickets are assured of originality.


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Concerts | Featured | Mozart

A Mozart Story

By on March 2, 2012


Some time last week we went to a concert showcasing the life of Mozart. An ensemble would play Mozart pieces as a storyteller dressed as Mozart would give bits and pieces of the composer’s life. It was a wonderful piece of history musically presented to be enjoyed by young viewers…adults as well. There were a lot of his pieces played, would list them one by one – upload them on youtube to feature here.

Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart is, even at this age, regarded as a music prodigy par none. He started composing at the age of 5 and played before European royalty as he grew up. It is still regretful that although he had sons, they weren’t able to bear children to continue his legacy.

stage, concert, mozart story vienna

Pardon my video-recording skills, I was too slow to record from the start and my hands are so unsteady..,anyway, here’s part of Eine kleine Nachtmusik. (Please lower your speaker volume.)

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