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Memoro de la Stono (Distant Worlds – Final Fantasy)

By on December 30, 2012

Seas invite in the evening sun
To light the somber abyss
Clouds dance up with the heavens’ stars
Chanting an air of joyous bliss

Water fades back from blue to jade
Guiding young rainbows high
Flowers bloom in to red and whites
Quenching our hearts as they run dry

Angels chained by a beast locked in slumber
Sin washed away by the swift flow of time

I may know the answers
Journeys over snow and sand
What twist of fate has brought us
To tread upon this land?

Blessed by light and the burden of shadows
Souls abide to an endless desire

I may know the answers
Though one question I still hear
What twist of fate has brought us
To roads that run so near?

Distant worlds together,
miracles from realms beyond
The lifelight burns inside me
to sing to you this song
To sing with you this song
To sing to you your song

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Anime Music | Japanese Pop


By on July 25, 2011

Hubby and I both like the way Japanese people sings…none a care – so we say. They are so carefree when singing and because it’s the way of their life, I think they totally enjoy singing more than any other group of people in the world. Hello Karaoke!

I remember the hubby finding a non-functioning Ipod some years ago. Techie him fixed it, pimped it and downloaded songs, mostly anime opening and ending songs the kids and us are all familiar with. The Ipod is still here with us with the same songs save for some addition of Michael Jackson’s that the kids like.

So for today I’m sharing Bleach’s first opening song Asterisk* by Orange Range. Hubby used it as background music for the video he made of the Aninite, a Cosplay we attended last year.

Video and editing by hubby.

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