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Music and art, whether it be paintings or dance, form connections between people unlike any other. These avenues allow individuals to reach the unreachable and touch and change lives of the most needy. This connection is the exact center point of Sing for Hope.

The Program

Sing for Hope is a community-focused organization that offers year-round outreach programs to communities in need. The goal of the organization is to connect artists to these communities that makes art accessible to all individuals. The result, in turn, is not only making art accessible but also making the very sustenance of human emotion and connection available to all.

Endeavors and Events

Centered on the vision of a world in which all people have access to artistic outlets, Sing for Hope is driven by volunteers who offer their time and talents to a wide range of individuals. The organization designs programs for everyone from school age children to healthcare patients in under-resourced communities with the intent to spur the creative desire in all people.

The organization facilitates a number of different programs and events each year to do just that. Among the different activities are:
-Sing for Hope Pianos, pianos located in public spaces throughout five boroughs in New York
-Sing for Hope Youth Chorus, a chorus made up of students ages 14-18 led by Sing for Hope staff and volunteers
-Sing for Hope Gala, a celebration of the art forms in our lives and communities
-Welcome Wednesdays, a party held once a month in honor of the arts and volunteers

The organization partners with a wide range of other organizations and public institutions to offer services throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Sing for Hope offers workshops, seminars, and ongoing programs to immerse children and adults alike in the rejuvenating effects of the arts.

Making a Difference

Like most organizations, Sing for Hope cannot maintain its mission without help. The organization functions based on the assistance of volunteers as well as donations from supporters. There are a number of different ways individuals can get involved including:
-Volunteering as an artist
-Leading and organizing events
-Helping host events
-Donating funds to different projects

The fundamental concept of Sing for Hope lies in the idea that art has the power to heal, teach, and bring joy to those individuals who need it most. In essence not just bringing art, but rather hope. Make a difference and donate to Sing for Hope today.