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Piano Lessons this Semester

By on September 23, 2012


I’ve spent precious time browsing online musical scores today, been looking for easy piano pieces that my little boy  (Daniel) could practice on. Yep, for my little boy.

I heard the piano being played the other day while my daughter (Alexie) was showing me her homework. She’s the only one among the three who learned to play so I was baffled at who could be at it then. I went to the living room to check and saw my little boy happily tapping on the keys. He was  playing the simplified version of Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy). It wasn’t as polished as his sister would play but still, I was impressed that he learned the piece without proper piano lessons….Well, turns out Alexie has been teaching him bit by bit and kept it a secret to surprise me….and I was. ^_^

My daughter told me she has shown Daniel almost every piece on her beginner’s piano book. Daniel would follow her lead without really considering the notes, sometimes singing along too (he’s always been a singer). I had planned to enroll the boys this semester to Karate or Taekwondo but I’m now having second thoughts; perhaps a piano lesson would benefit Daniel too.

My daughter’s piano teacher from last semester would be a good choice since he knows the boys as well, they tag along during Alexie’s Thursday piano sessions. She learned a great deal from those half-hour a week lessons. She can play a lot of pieces now and can easily read notes. It has also helped her a lot when it comes to being confident. I bet it’s because of the dedication and willingness to learn and because her teacher has only kind words to say. It has also helped Alexie concentrate. Imagine reading the notes and rhythm,  translating it into hand movements on the keyboard and going on to the next note doing the same, it needs a lot of focus. Focus – What Daniel needs to have now that he has started schooling.

Now that Daniel knows the basic, I’m thinking of getting him some Elton John sheet music with his favorite songs from The Lion King or perhaps Phil Collin’s with songs from Brother Bear. I haven’t told Daniel yet about the lessons because he was busy listening and singing to a tune with his earphones plugged. I wouldn’t want to bother my little musician.

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Ozzy Orbourne

Dreamer (Ozzy Ozbourne)

By on September 15, 2012

In early 2000, when I all I know about German were Dankebitte and sehr…I hate to watch the shows where I can actually learn the language from. They were dubbed anyway and I hate watching dubbed shows even more. Reason why I learned Japanese is forcing myself to watch animes in the language it is in so I would go for real German shows, which were boring to say the least.

Imagine watching MTV almost every time we’re at home. Yes, I learned to like, rather, forced myself to watch reality TV shows…The Osbournes for one. Earlier on, I’ve learned to like one of Ozzy Osbournes song, Dreamer, what he confessed as the “Imagine” to his album Down to Earth, with John Lennon being his hero.

The song, though not as positive as Michael Jackson’s, speaks of his dream or vision of a better world. The video, set in winter provokes one with the feeling of longing and hope. See for yourself.



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Old Photographs (Jim Capaldi)

By on September 10, 2012

When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood.” –  Sam Ewing

For a nostalgic expat, songs such as this makes me look back to the place where I grew up, think of family and friends left behind, and stir up childhood memories that define what I am today.

Even though we walk the diamond-studded highways
It’s the country lanes and byways
That makes us long for home

Changes are definite…from the moment we were born to growing up, from choosing our careers and finally living it. However, we will always be looking back to our childhood and compare how simple life was then.


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